The top 5 things I would have blogged about….. if I was blogging.

This is the top 5 things I would have blogged about in March. Funnily enough the things I would have talked about are the things that were keeping me from my computer/internet.

1. Manimals and it’s progress:

I’ve been writing as much as possible with the time I had. Happy with the results; wish I did more. Just want to  GET IT OUT THERE ALREADY! Read more about it here.

2. Mass Effect 3 and it’s ending:

Yes I have been caining it way too much. I have been hearing LOADS of things about how atrocious and shitty the ending/s are. I want to know why but don’t want to ruin the game. I’ll think I’ll go complete it now and then I’ll come to my own conclusion of how shit/amazing/average the ending actually is.

Can't say it's not epic though...

To think, I never nearly owned it due to…

3. GAME over…. for GAME:

Yes Game, basically the only video game retailer on Britain’s high street, has gone into administration. Sucks as I still have fucking points to use! Someone is bound to buy it, it would be good investment if managed right as video games are one of the fastest expanding industries at the moment.

4. Sunny Weather:

The weather over the last week or two has been fucking lovely! I just hope we get another show in later in the year. Come on, we deserve it.

5. Moving house.

Yes. This is happening.


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