Obligatory Mass Effect 3 Ending Rant.

Yes! We all knew this was coming. It was only a matter of time before I completed it and now that I have I can voice my disappointment at the game’s ending. What makes it even worse is the fact it is the ending of the entire trilogy! All the choices you make throughout the three games, renegade and paragon, who lived and died, everything, everything was in anticipation of this. And it turns out for the most part it doesn’t matter. If you are a fan of the series or playing Mass Effect 3 still and do not want to know what happens TURN AWAY NOW! That’s fair warning.

To make this more understandable I chose the end where I killed The Illusive Man, Anderson died, and I chose to end synthetic life. Oh and I died too. Now here are my gripes with the ending to the game:

1) So many whys. Why?

Who is the child? And why does he look like the kid from Shepard’s dream? Bitch please! That is fucking retarded that they look the same. Why do the reapers want to destroy every fucking thing? From what I gather it’s “We kill you, so you don’t have to”. Is that it? Really, is that it?! Why didn’t the reapers just destroy the citadel if they knew a) it could kill them b) it could control them. They didn’t need it for the relay as they were already there! Where has Harbinger during the whole fucking thing?  Why? Why?! So many goddamn unanswered questions with no real way for the answers to come across; without the addition of tacked on DLC.

2) 3 endings basically disregarding the myriad of choices you have made.

It really does basically come down to three endings. You basically choose a colour. Seriously. A game, a franchise build on choice! All it comes down to is three choices. I shit you not. I think this is just a smack in the face to the fans. You spend the game making decisions; decisions you think that are going to have consequence. What’s the point in making them if otherwise? You might as well just mashed the controller or just completely cut out choice. What’s the point otherwise? The could have done so much with it. All they needed to do was have a bunch on cutscenes tailored to each major decision you make and show them in the epilogue.

3) What the fuck happens to everyone else? Especially the team you’ve travelled with for the entire trilogy!

In my ending you see three people get off the Normandy onto this strange paradise planet. Why the fuck did they end up there? There is no explanation. The is no epilogue discussing what has happened to all the races you’ve pulled together. Are they stranded on earth? Are they fucking floating in space? Are they all dead? Alive? What the fuck Bioware! This game was all about the entire galaxy’s fate and then you don’t even fucking mention it afterwards! Ridiculous. Also why aren’t my team crying that I’m dead or at the very least questioning where the fuck I am? Liara you cold bitch! I don’t mind Shepard dying as long as it carries some weight and affects the other characters.

Cold Bitch!

I just feel due to the sheer scope of the reaper invasion they kind of lost track of the human aspect of the game…. and also entirely rushed the ending as well. I’m sorry, I just think that with a proper think they could have worked a decent set of endings to cater for the multitude of choices you’d made through the entire franchise. It would have been hard I know as the reaper invasion has such a big impact on the galaxy within the game that any ending would of have to affected the entirety of it but surely it could be done.

I know they plan on releasing DLC to answer all the questions (hopefully) but I have a feeling it’s going to feel completely tacked on and under par for the quality of the games shown so far. Plus, YOU KILLED OFF MY COMMANDER SHEPARD! HOW AM I MEANT TO PLAY!

I’m going to choose the other options soon and see if there any better.

If I’m missing something please tell me.

I’ll give them this though…. The Illusive Man looks fucking sick when you see him on the Crucible.


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