My non-week in detail

I was going to let you in to how the Manimals pilot is coming along but something happened. Something unplanned, annoying and very occasionally painful. Let me take you back to last week to Tuesday the 10th: THE DAY EVERYTHING FUCKED UP!

I was at the gym, starting my new workout, when out of nowhere I land a jump squat and BAM! A cracking sharp pulsating pain spreads from the base of my skull and across the right hemisphere of my cranium. And it stays like that to this very day, albeit in a somewhat diminished capacity. But at the time I thought it would. Three days pass and I have had enough and my GP has retired for the day so what do I do? I visit the hospital.

What a fucking waste of time that was! I can NOT stress ENOUGH to how FUCKING LIVID this made me. I waited for a total of three hours for some fucking dick of a doctor to tell me that, in his infinite fucking wisdom, that the pain in my head was indeed a fucking pain in my FUCKING HEAD! No fucking shit sherlock, why the fuck do you think I’m here? To congratulate you on your inane fucking diagnosis? Jesus fucking christ! I can understand that it was late and busy but I deserved at least a bit more of a thorough look at. Anyway I swiftly leave… and on to Manchester!

Yes with this pounding headache I am heading to Manchester to meet up with the lovable rogue Foz:

WARNING: Never take this man down Curry Mile after 2 o'clock

To see yet another man in concert:

This is Andrew W.K. (if you couldn’t read the picture…) and he likes to party. Party hard. Imagine everyone in the same room with the same ethos. It’s pretty awesome. It’s just a fucking shame that I couldn’t go all fucking out because of y FUCKING headache. What makes it worse was that this is the first, and possibly, last time I’ll be able to do that. Super lame but an awesome gig nonetheless. And back to Cardiff we go…

The headache is still there. I ring for a GP on the monday and have to wait in pain for THURSDAY to come around.

Thursday comes and I end up going to the hospital! It was a weird feeling felt relieved but a bit worried. I was getting seen to but what happens if its something really fucked up? Anyway to cut a long story short; they took my blood and gave me a lumbar puncture, which is when they draw fluid from your spine through a needle.

Yes, it sounds just as pleasant as it felt.

But i’m OKAY!

Apparently I’ve pulled/torn/sprained the muscles in my neck/skull. It’s just a case of taking meds and waiting now. So I’m not dying which is great but now have a sore back.

With all this time off work how am I going to afford to move out!?! Yes that was the announcement from the last post.

P.s. This is going to be my last personal post for a while. This is becoming to much of a diary…..


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