Warning: Unnecessary Celebrity Saturation in Post. But it’s ok because they look like dicks*

*apart from Bill Murray/Owen Wilson/Steve Buscemi’s eyes(you’ll get it later)/George Clooney(on occasion)

Pictures and lists and pictures and lists and pictures and lists and pictures and lists and pictures and lists! A bunch of things I’ve seen over the course of a few weeks. Have a look you may find that you might crack a tiny smile and realize there is some hope left on this GODDAMN PLANETOID! Enjoi! Links in the photos by the GODDAMN way.

1. Celebrities that look like mattresses. Yes. You heard me. Click here or Lindsay’s destroyed face for more.

2. OneTinyHand.com It’s exactly what it says on the tin/web bar. Click on that shit!

3. Ross Kemp Folded. Most peeps have seen this one but it doesn’t make it any less of a picture list….

4. Chicks with Steve Buscemi Eyes. Not sure if I’ve put this one up before but here it is. It is exactly as weird as it sounds.

Princess Leia with Steve Buscemeyes.

Anne Hathaway with Steve Buscemeyes.

Fancy having a go yourself? It’s not hard. Just arm yourself with Google, a cracked version of Photoshop and a tumblr account. Here; maybe they used this to get started. Maybe next I’ll be able to see Celebrities as Bears or some other shit pretty soon.


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