Things I’ve Noticed Whilst Packing Up My Life.


1. Dust

That shit gets everywhere. I know your all going to be saying ‘blah blah that’s why you dust…..’ Well if you saw my room you’s understand why; it has more angles than something that has a lot of angles, like my fucking room! And besides I’m not going to pull my desk out every week so I can dust the backside of my computer am I? No.

2. Videogames

I need to complete Skyrim. That is one game I need to finish. But there is also one other I have completely forgotten about due to the murder of my Wii from younger siblings. ZELDA! Check this art I found for it. If you’re a fan of the game get ready for a heavy dose of nostalgia.

Note: This is not my work.

Extra Note: The post does actually continue after the image.

3. How much shit I have.

I have too much shit. Period. I need to get slender in the possessions department. I did not realize until the other day that most of my life was still actually packed in boxes from the move back from uni. Shittttt.

Anyway if you are unaware, stupid, just don’t care or oblivious to the last few posts then you may not know that I am indeed moving house. Now you get what the hell this post is on about. I’m writing up a few things to post before I inevitably go offline till I connect up to the broadband in my new house. This is one of those things. It might take a while as I’m working the weekend up that I’m also meant to be moving in. But when I’m done come to the party. This guy might be there:

And if not I’ll have these little bastards dancing for us:

These ants are real. Click to read the story and see more photos. I promise goodness upon you. Unless you have a major phobia of ants and then I’m sorry. And definitely don’t click the link.


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