How to make money without a conventional job.

Or more to the point, how to make money being an unknown creative in this modern age.

This question keeps haunting me time and time again. As a person, I deem myself creative and, to a certain extent, talented. I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but…. fuck it. I’m tired with being modest while people all around me are releasing work that I know I can better. I know, I know, art is subjective and what you may deem wonderfully transcendent might be absolute shitty cock and balls to another. But what happens when you make art to purposefully make money?

Some people could argue that this is not the right way for art to be created. It should be a work of passion and emotion and filled with meaning and purpose; not for the sole purpose of monetary gain. And to some respects this is true. If we lose what it is to make art without any meaning or purpose, what would be the point? That should be the ultimate goal for a true work of art.

But in a world infinitely connected to each other when everything is becoming more and more personal whilst also becoming available to a wider audience, surely there is a market for everyone? You already have websites catering for people’s creativity to be showcased. More importantly, some of these same websites also have the ability to monetize your creativity (unless your already actually selling something). You could be making some physically or digitally, it could be from YouTube, Deviantart, Newgrounds, Threadless, Bandcamp, Big Cartel, Etsy etc; it could be the next great thing…..or not. That’s the beauty of it. I suppose.

So we come to the ultimate question:

Have I got the balls to quit my job and try to make a living from doing what I love and making crazy shit?

This is more difficult that you think. Not only is it a monetary worry (what the fuck will happen to my flat) but it also houses the question: if I basically whore myself out will it cheapen my work and make it worthless? Or will the fact that my pleasurable work, now my job, will become something I come to loathe? Or am I too late for the party, is the market over-saturated with people exactly like me? Probably, especially now that I’ve given you all the idea!

I have a fucking great network of talented and creative friends. I have no idea why we haven’t done fucking anything and created something. And then it hits me:

WE ALL HAVE SHITTY JOBS GETTING IN THE WAY (well almost everyone, John Barker)

On another note this is how I look as a superhero-


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