Mass Effect: Extended Cut Verdict

It’s the 29th. The Mass Effect Extended Cut has been out for three days for the Xbox. I have replayed the ending twice now. This is my verdict. I don’t know if there are going to SPOILERS or not but YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED PEOPLE.

It is a very strange circumstance to find yourself in; playing the game you loved and completed a few months ago, but just its ending. It feels a little too late as time has gone by so has my vested interest. It’s hard to get back into the game, let alone the game’s ending. It’s pretty fucking tense but I did it.

I can see some differences, maybe more explanations at points in conversation and more depth. On my first play through I decided to just play it how I felt at the time. From what I gathered I got a new type of ending (unless I missed that first time round) where you fail to make even one of the original decisions. And you just ultimately doom the universe because of it. Bad move Shepard. Not really a satisfying ending but alright. It’s pretty bleak as it seems everyone dies. Everyone. Reapers win. Come on new cycle, replete with hidden messages from our very own Liara! She is basically filling in someone from the future on the reapers just like the Prothean Conduit or beacon in Mass Effect 1… The cycle ends and a new one begins. Then a new Mass Effect game comes out…..

On my second play though I played it through exactly how I originally played it. I chose the ‘Red’ option i.e. the ‘Blow the shit out of the reapers’ option. It was time for them to just die in my opinion. Just as was predicted they have tacked on more prologue scenes and more VO’s to explain what the shit happens and people being happy. Shows you those who sacrificed themselves for peace (Completely forgot Mordin and Thane were killed. Lame!) and everyone still being cool with each other. Theres a nice ambiguous scene on the Normandy seeing the crew mourning/not mourning your death. Was looking for a bit more but maybe it’s because I just chose the most blunt and direct approach to the problem. Next ending I want to see is the synthesis ending AKA the ‘green’ one (I think?).

Overall, it is a nice package and offers more of an explanation for the people looking for one. Some people may feel cheated but like, come on, what else were they going to do? We all knew we weren’t get a completely new ending just more of explanation of the current endings. But enough of an explanation? Considering it was just cut-scenes I was expecting it to last longer, almost like a mini movie. Also cut out those slide show’s, they were just jaggy, low-rez and bad. Just bad. No Bioware, you can’t get away with that.

Read this if your into writing. Really interesting and informative. Seriously read IT!


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