Where have I been?


Well, where have I been? I have been sorely neglecting this place of late but it is for a good cause…..I hope.

I’ve been working on this. Yes, that Manimals thing that I keep harping on about. Well it’s kind of operation GO! It has definitely come out too early but screw it, it’s exciting. In the mean time I’ve been trying to set up all these different sites to support it and get it out there. And here they are:

Manimals Site: Not much going on here until it comes out but will be the main hub for all things Manimals.

Manimals Facebook: Main place for quick updates because…..everyone is on Facebook! Don’t deny it!

Manimals Twitter: A twitter. Information in spoonfuls.

But one of the more important sites that I REALLY want you guys to see is the IndieGoGo site. If you don’t know what IndieGoGo is it’s a platform for projects to get crowd sourcing from. In short you get many people to donate a little bit of money to get things made. And that is where I’m going to get MANIMALS made! So go there and read up on the campaign and pledge some money to the campaign. No money? No problem! Just spread the word out to all your friends, family, work colleagues, pets, local law enforcement, the king of Sweden (if they have a king), the moon, you get it, EVERYONE!!!!

So click here to go to IndieGoGo and help us out.

Muchos appreciated! x



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