Manimals Pilot!

The reason I’ve been neglecting this for most the year?


FINALLY! The pilot for my cartoon series that I want to make is here….Well it’s been on YouTube for a while so I decided that it needed to go here!

Bare in mind when you watch it that it is my first time animated, so it is a bit sketchy. That explains why it took me so long as well. I don’t intend on making the rest as like I said; I’m no animator. And besides I need a team.

Any way the series is meant to follow Frank the horse as he traverses the cruel world of the office! Hilarity ensues. The pilot follows Frank as he is summoned to Trevor (the crocodile), his boss, for being late for a series of meetings. It doesn’t go as he planned.

If you like what you see search for us on Facebook.





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