LucasArts Obit.

Hello. Long time no reading-shit-I-have-found-on-the-internet!

Today I have a bunch of Star Wars related crap because I am sad. LucasArts has closed its door. I see it as a terriblé reminder that the hands of one of the world’s most treasured franchises is in the hands of mouse. I won’t get into a rant. Instead I’ll show you some cool stuff I’ve collected over the internet.

Star Wars Hipsters

Yes, someone did do this. It wasn’t me.

Star Wars (in Pixels)

Awesome. I could actually see an old school game Star Wars side-scrolling, point and click adventure; unless that already happened.

Badass Sith Zombies

Fuck these guys in the zombie apocalypse.

Sith Zombies

And that was it…..

Sorry guys, I thought there was more.

Anyway you should give this a read: A Eulogy for LucasArts

RIP LucasArts


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