R.I.P. Guys.

In this post I be paying my respects to two HUGE guys in their fields. I both admire and respect their bodies of work. I know this is pretty late to the party but here I go.

Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert is a name not well-known in the mainstream media in my home country. I don’t know why, he is just unknown to the public majority. Which is very sad considering he was (and still will be) one of the biggest and influential film critics of all time.

When I started using the internet, properly, Mr Ebert was the only reviews I tended to read as the majority of the time I agreed with him. Nothing better than getting a critical review from someone who has similar interests. It’ll be sad to miss them.

I’m sure there is more to this great man but I am not knowledgeable enough to give him the credit he deserves.

Roger Ebert

Storm Thorgerson

Everyone has seen his work, most probably have no fucking clue where though. Does this look familiar though?

Of course you do! That is Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon. It’s a classic piece of art on a classic record of music. In fact this isn’t the first or last piece Storm did for Pink Floyd. Any of these familiar?:

I literally could do this for the rest of the day. He has soooooo many iconic and amazing pieces. He’s done work for bands from the 70’s such as Led Zeppelin and Floyd all the way up to his death working with Biffy Clyro, Muse and The Mars Volta, to name but a few. Here are few other pieces you might recognise. Or at least are fucking sweet.

I mostly know him from the famous album artwork he done through his lifetime but he also ventured into other mediums and other commercial work. His work has a hyper realistic look to it with surreal qualities within. I FUCKING LOVE IT! Getting an album he has worked on will always have interesting booklets and extra art work. It is just luscious and beautiful. I greatly admire the surreal and his work inspire me no end. We will be missed but thankfully his art and legacy will live on.

And what a fucking INCREDIBLE NAME!

Storm Thorgerson
1944 – 2013

P.S. This site hasn’t become an obituary….I swear!


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