A playground for my thoughts.

Collections of ideas, rants, reviews, talks, lazy suggestions, arguments on nothing, stories, dreams, hopes, conspiracy theories, journeys from the body, hallucinations, half-baked philosophy and anything else my mind thinks is appropriate to show the masses. None of this will make any sense, I’m sorry. The language will be crass and unrefined; you have been warned. This probably won’t be a place for your young.

If you have so happened to drop by on this barely coherent mish-mash of old/new/future media, congratulations!

You have entered the world of the Pixel Juggernaut!


Disclaimer of sorts: Many of the things here will not be my work unless I tell you it is, so please don’t assume everything I post is something I own, have copyright to or have created. Firstly, that’ll be bad for the people who have created things and secondly, I do not want to get my ASS sued!
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