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First off here is my e-mail. If you need to get in touch:

This is some of the other stuff I have lying around on the inter-mega-web-net:

Rev DAre’s YouTube

Rev DAre’s Twitter

Rev DAre’s MySpace Videos

I Heard That Daniel Streeter….

Some of my more serious stuff:

My Vimeo

Jacob Pleace’s Portfolio – in progress

Also mail me here if you ever find that you need my incredibly useless wisdom. Why you would, I don’t know, but i’m still gonna put it there.

Friend’s Links

These are a few of my friends sites. Spreading the love y’know! You should check some of these out now:

D’n’B music for y’all to dance to by my main man Dan. Check it. – Septik

Some nice art, mainly portraiture –

For all your Fightwear – Strike

One of the guys from The Melophobes. Some other guys from Cardiff band Gung Ho. Yes, it’s punk. Go listen – Not Since The Accident Facebook


More to come….Always more to come!


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