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R.I.P. Guys.

In this post I be paying my respects to two HUGE guys in their fields. I both admire and respect their bodies of work. I know this is pretty late to the party but here I go.

Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert is a name not well-known in the mainstream media in my home country. I don’t know why, he is just unknown to the public majority. Which is very sad considering he was (and still will be) one of the biggest and influential film critics of all time.

When I started using the internet, properly, Mr Ebert was the only reviews I tended to read as the majority of the time I agreed with him. Nothing better than getting a critical review from someone who has similar interests. It’ll be sad to miss them.

I’m sure there is more to this great man but I am not knowledgeable enough to give him the credit he deserves.

Roger Ebert

Storm Thorgerson

Everyone has seen his work, most probably have no fucking clue where though. Does this look familiar though?

Of course you do! That is Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon. It’s a classic piece of art on a classic record of music. In fact this isn’t the first or last piece Storm did for Pink Floyd. Any of these familiar?:

I literally could do this for the rest of the day. He has soooooo many iconic and amazing pieces. He’s done work for bands from the 70’s such as Led Zeppelin and Floyd all the way up to his death working with Biffy Clyro, Muse and The Mars Volta, to name but a few. Here are few other pieces you might recognise. Or at least are fucking sweet.

I mostly know him from the famous album artwork he done through his lifetime but he also ventured into other mediums and other commercial work. His work has a hyper realistic look to it with surreal qualities within. I FUCKING LOVE IT! Getting an album he has worked on will always have interesting booklets and extra art work. It is just luscious and beautiful. I greatly admire the surreal and his work inspire me no end. We will be missed but thankfully his art and legacy will live on.

And what a fucking INCREDIBLE NAME!

Storm Thorgerson
1944 – 2013

P.S. This site hasn’t become an obituary….I swear!

LucasArts Obit.

Hello. Long time no reading-shit-I-have-found-on-the-internet!

Today I have a bunch of Star Wars related crap because I am sad. LucasArts has closed its door. I see it as a terriblé reminder that the hands of one of the world’s most treasured franchises is in the hands of mouse. I won’t get into a rant. Instead I’ll show you some cool stuff I’ve collected over the internet.

Star Wars Hipsters

Yes, someone did do this. It wasn’t me.

Star Wars (in Pixels)

Awesome. I could actually see an old school game Star Wars side-scrolling, point and click adventure; unless that already happened.

Badass Sith Zombies

Fuck these guys in the zombie apocalypse.

Sith Zombies

And that was it…..

Sorry guys, I thought there was more.

Anyway you should give this a read: A Eulogy for LucasArts

RIP LucasArts

I heard something about a street party….

Manimals Pilot!

The reason I’ve been neglecting this for most the year?


FINALLY! The pilot for my cartoon series that I want to make is here….Well it’s been on YouTube for a while so I decided that it needed to go here!

Bare in mind when you watch it that it is my first time animated, so it is a bit sketchy. That explains why it took me so long as well. I don’t intend on making the rest as like I said; I’m no animator. And besides I need a team.

Any way the series is meant to follow Frank the horse as he traverses the cruel world of the office! Hilarity ensues. The pilot follows Frank as he is summoned to Trevor (the crocodile), his boss, for being late for a series of meetings. It doesn’t go as he planned.

If you like what you see search for us on Facebook.




Project Ovoid

This month I have been mostly making this….


R.I.P. Neil Armstrong

Not many people have been here:

This guy had:

Just take that in for a second and appreciate it. Many people don’t.

The implications of this man’s journey to the moon back in 1969 was indeed a giant leap for mankind.

Nothing more needs to be said of the accomplishments of this man.


The Modern Hunt

The hunt for jobs. In this climate it is hard. Damn hard. Thankfully, I have a job already. Thing is though that is really quite shitty now. Work environment is poor, pay is poor and it’s difficult to get to (as I don’t drive). Further more I have to work awkward hours. Waiting half a day, doing fuck all because you know you have work at 5 sucks.  I know, I know sounds ungrateful sure but it really is not worth it. You guys are going to have to trust me on this.

So…..the hunt has begun. That is what it is nowadays; a hunt. You have to scour the landscape; digitally and for real for cards stuck in windows for mediocre jobs that are going to pay for your lifestyle. And fucking christ is it a minefield of shitty disappointments and knock-backs. Here are a short list of the stupid ass reasons:

1. Experience. Where is it?

Want to work in Retail? Where’s your experience? Want to bake a fucking cake? Where’s you GODDAMN EXPERIENCE! Apparently they want people who have:

a) been born with the innate experience of where they are working now.

I was born with the ability to make donuts in my FUCKING sleep!

b) got a job off a friend who already works there (I’m pretty sure this is how 999.8% of people get hired).

c) you did work experience there back in the merry old days of being sixteen where money was spent on nothing but fun.

It’s one of the things I’ve always thought was ridiculous. How can you get experience in the job without being given the opportunity to have a go at the job? It’s like when the bank charges you for having no money, when you have no money. You’re my bank, you can clearly see I have no money but yet still charge me £30 for having NO MONEY. What fucking logic is that?!? Maybe they aren’t related but it still does my tits in.

You know you'd do it better

2. Overqualified

“You want to work here?!  Sorry but you’ll just here until another better job comes along so we aren’t going to waste our time.”

For fuck’s sake! If I applied for the job, it’s because I want the job. And of course I’m going to leave if another job comes up because if it does it would be because I APPLIED FOR THAT AS WELL! Jesus.

3. Under qualified!

There are so many associate/assistant/executive/young/bullshit managerial jobs going around in my area at the moment, but relating back to the first post we can see the problem: no experience. Of all the problems listed this is the one that I can actually genuinely agree with. I wouldn’t let my business into the hands of someone without experience…..but shit, when are some people going to get some fucking breaks? Hypocritical I know but I’m kind of in a rant. We’ll let this one slide for now.

There are so many reasons I am angry at job hunting. I’m not an idiot. I know how to do shit. I have a pretty decent CV, if I do say so myself. I have all major qualifications from school and a bloody degree, I know how to learn and adapt and FUCKING WORK! But then you apply to about fifteen stores; 3 get back to you, none of the others do; and what’s shittier is you go past the same shops everyday and you STILL see them looking for staff! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME! I’ll work right now goddamnit! Shit.

And the worse fucking part; THE WORST fucking part is………None of these jobs are related to the industry I want to be in.

And why do you think I can find a job in the industry?


I can’t work for free. I have a house and bills to pay for. I need to eat. So how the FUCK do they expect me to get experience there?!

Fuck it. Let’s all just get credit card’s max them out and kill ourselves.

Where have I been?


Well, where have I been? I have been sorely neglecting this place of late but it is for a good cause…..I hope.

I’ve been working on this. Yes, that Manimals thing that I keep harping on about. Well it’s kind of operation GO! It has definitely come out too early but screw it, it’s exciting. In the mean time I’ve been trying to set up all these different sites to support it and get it out there. And here they are:

Manimals Site: Not much going on here until it comes out but will be the main hub for all things Manimals.

Manimals Facebook: Main place for quick updates because…..everyone is on Facebook! Don’t deny it!

Manimals Twitter: A twitter. Information in spoonfuls.

But one of the more important sites that I REALLY want you guys to see is the IndieGoGo site. If you don’t know what IndieGoGo is it’s a platform for projects to get crowd sourcing from. In short you get many people to donate a little bit of money to get things made. And that is where I’m going to get MANIMALS made! So go there and read up on the campaign and pledge some money to the campaign. No money? No problem! Just spread the word out to all your friends, family, work colleagues, pets, local law enforcement, the king of Sweden (if they have a king), the moon, you get it, EVERYONE!!!!

So click here to go to IndieGoGo and help us out.

Muchos appreciated! x


Manimals finally arriving!

Manimals, the cartoon I’ve been relentlessly trying to get into production, now has a Facebook page!
Click the picture to find out more about the project and if you like it SUPPORT us! And if not, you can still spread us 😛

More to come, so stay tuned!